Hey guys, as is traditional in TAY with other authors, here is my ConTAYct list page. A little about me is in order, in suppose.

I’ll hand the mic over to Unimplied, our resident teller-of-tales:

Not everybody knows the legend of how Steve Bowling became TAY’s unofficial Supreme Overlord. Luckily, thanks to ancient technology, we were able to capture the moment on film.

Thousands of Ten years ago, on young Bowling’s birthday, Steve decided he’d be the first among us to challenge the Bear God the right to rule over all of humanity the internet. Summoning all his might into his eye-lazers (Bowling Blast, if you’d like to get DBZ on us), Steve was certain he’d summoned up enough magic over the years in order to destroy the ursine in one blast.

Unfortunately, Steve hadn’t read up on his bear lore. Nobody can defeat the Bear God, who was he kidding? That guy’s a goddamn BEAR. (Or at least... in part?)

However, Steve did manage to knock him back, just slightly. No mere mortal had been able to do that previously.

Impressed, the Bear God granted Steve but a small smidgen of his power as the Supreme Overlord of this shared internet space we call home (or something like that).

I’ll be publishing mostly blogs and reviews here on TAY, focusing on video games and occasionally venturing out. I helped develop TAY’s review format, and now I’m working on building up industry contacts so I can make reviewing a little less painful on our collective wallets. I’m also getting into video editing, so if you need something video-wise for a review or article, let me know and I’ll do my best. Nice to meet everyone! Feel free to contact me.