Today I'm making a change that will likely have no impact on many of you, but is a big deal for me. For years I've been anonymous online, using various screen names to shield protect my identity; or so I thought.

In reality, I've been using screen names to shield myself from unwanted criticisms that I frankly couldn't handle at the time. As I enter "real life" (parenthood, my 30's, having to cook a damned turkey) I've realized I really want to make a go of sharing my thoughts on my hobby with the world at large, and moreover to actually grow as a writer in the process thereof.

With that, I'd like you to meet, well, me, really. My name's Steve; I'm a 31 year-old gamer finding his own way through gaming as a new parent and looking for ways to give back to the community that's given him so much throughout his life.

I'm going to start regular posts here (regular for me meaning once a week), and I hope you all enjoy what I have to share!