Akiba's Trip Is Out for PS4 Today, Is Still Great

Did you miss out on XSEED's hilariously excellent vampire-stripping action-adventure, Akiba's Trip: Undead & Undressed? Well, you can forgive yourself now. The game ships today on PS4. Our original review will be updated when embargo lifts at 9:00 AM Eastern, until then, enjoy the short video above which highlights a… » 11/24/14 11:54pm Monday 11:54pm

Drift Stage Release Window Slides Into View

Remember Drift Stage? The neon-infused '80s-style racer is back in the spotlight with a slew of new screenshots and a brief video showing off the game's time attack mode. The best part? A mid-to-late 2015 release date has been announced for the PC-bound racer, with a possible console release to follow. » 11/24/14 8:01pm Monday 8:01pm

Why Mewtwo is Today's Most Exciting Smash Bros. Announcement

In case you missed it (you know you didn't), Nintendo just blew the lid off of a ton of new Smash Bros. for Wii U info. We got eight player Smash, tons of new challenges, trophy boxes, a bigger soundtrack and even Ridley (kinda). But Mewtwo is easily, far and away the most exciting announcement. Because he won't be… » 10/23/14 6:52pm 10/23/14 6:52pm