Surprise! That Mysterious New Dragon Ball Character Is You

What a dirty trick to play, Bandai Namco. Introducing a never-before-seen character for Dragon Ball Xenoverse, leaving fans to wildly speculate for months before revealing it as the first Dragon Ball game that allows players to inject their own creations into the series' greatest battles. So sneaky. So good. »8/13/14 12:09pm8/13/14 12:09pm

How Was Your Holiday?

Hi, TAY. I hope everybody had a good holiday. My Christmas turned out to be pretty great, actually. I got to spend some quality time with my family, play an unhealthy amount of Dead Rising 3 and Super Mario 3D World and I got some pretty great gifts. »12/31/13 12:07am12/31/13 12:07am

Gamermageddon Roll Call: 16 Days and Counting Edition

A while back, GiantBoyDetective put out an article about what I now can't stop referring to as GAMERMAGEDDON. Since then I've been giddy with anticipation of what will likely be the best week ever for me as a gamer, and the worst for my wife/daughter/bank account/friends, etc. »10/31/13 10:59am10/31/13 10:59am